Mastering the Look: Lawn Care Tips and Simple Landscaping Designs

Mastering the Look: Lawn Care Tips and Simple Landscaping Designs

You’ve removed the leaves and fallen debris. Now
it’s time to crank up that mower. Whether you’re
planning a picnic under the dogwood blooms or
preparing for upcoming summer barbecues, spring
is the best time to start your lawn care routine.
To ensure you have a thick, lush lawn in the
summer, follow these steps:

Start with weed prevention and control.

In the early spring, you can prevent certain weeds,
from sprouting with a pre-emergent herbicide.
If it’s too late and you’ve already spotted some
visible weeds, you can apply granular weed control
products. Note: Certain weeds need certain
products, and certain products may be preferred
for certain grass types, so it’s imperative that
you do your research. Want to skip the hassle
of fi guring out which product is right for your
particular grass and how much you need to apply?
Let the professionals at a lawn care company
handle it. These experts have the know-how to
ensure your grass — and not weeds — will thrive.

Mow high and frequently.

Mowing your lawn short and only when it gets
unsightly may seem like time savers. However, it
can damage your grass and allow weeds to take
over. Mow when your grass blades have grown
about one-third of their trimmed height, no matter
how often that is. Likewise, following lawn mowing
tips, such as never cutting o more than one-third
of the grass blades, can help your lawn reach its
full potential.

Feed and water at the appropriate times.

Spring is a great time to fertilize your lawn. Look
for a mix of fast- and slow-release fertilizers, so
your grass will green up quickly and still be fed
throughout the season. In addition, soak the lawn
in the morning, so the sun can dry it throughout
the day and make it less susceptible to disease.

Add seed to thin areas.

If your yard has warm-season grass, like Bermuda,
late spring is a great time to throw some seed over
those thinned-out areas.

Simple Landscaping Ideas

Now that your grass is on its way to greatness,
let’s focus on the rest of your landscape. Consider
these tips:

– For a pristine look, use an edger around the
sidewalks and driveway.

– Design colorful and unique flower beds and
gardens. Then, create clear divisions around
them with borders made of stone, brick, etc.
Heartier plants, like trees and shrubs, add depth
to your landscape. Keep your shrubs and trees
trimmed for a manicured look.

– Add mulch to your beds and around your trees
to keep the plants healthy and to cut down on

– Create clear paths — to the water spout, door,
deck, etc. — with stepping stones.

Enjoy the warm weather!!

Madding Homes Team

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